Get More Visitors to Stay on Your Site Longer!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the old website call-to-actions do not work anymore. It’s true that exit pop-ups, traditional overlays and old CTAs are extinct.

BUT if you can keep people on your site long enough to catch their interest, you will get more conversions, whether it’s sales, leads, or webinar signups!

But how?

The Answer is…. With Video Pal!

Grab Video Pal and Get Started NOW!

Video Pal is a ground-breaking software that helps conversion and retention rate on your website by utilizing “tiny videos”.

These tiny videos are 2D or 3D animated characters, or even real human spokespeople.

In fact, you can even TURN YOURSELF into a “Video Pal” that walks and talks across your website, or ANY website for that matter!

These videos work like a magnet to attract eyeballs and attention spans for longer than any other CTA out there to date!

The possibilities are endless..

Some GREAT features of these “walk-on” videos:

  • It works on all devices (even mobile)
  • Use Video Pal on your own website or any other website
  • Choice of 2D, 3D, Human Actors, OR YOU!
  • Create Video Pals in seconds covering 24 different languages

VideoPal IS the new standard in increasing website conversions no matter what your site, no matter what your niche.

Get Video Pal Today !

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