Untapped software Turns Somebody Else’s Video into Your Own traffic pulling Machine

Coembed is LIVE now.

You can get this traffic pulling software for a low earlybird price for the next few hours

Coembed is an ALL-IN-ONE cloud based software that lets you Embed your Call to actions on any website or video online with just a few clicks.

This includes pop up images, clickable links, social sharing buttons, opt in forms, annotations, videos, images and much more with push button ease.

You can do this over any video, your own video, as well as leverage any authority website online to get higher conversions, drive hoards of Free traffic, build huge responsive lists, and make tons of cash.

Coembed will enable you to take somebody else’s video from youtube, embed your own instream video ad into it, and then include your own clickable link.

That’s right..a live ‘clickable’ link right inside the video and you can point it to anywhere you like.

Imagine taking the top videos in your niche, dropping your affiliate link in there and then blasting that video out to your target market.

Well that’s exactly what you can do with coembed.

Let me explain.

I’m sure you’ve seen YouTube ads right?

They either play out at the beginning of a video or during a video… those ads are dynamic, that means they come complete with a clickable link right inside the video.

They’re called In-Stream Video Ads and they are hugely effective… In fact over the last few years YouTube ads have become the number 1 sales tool online


Because In-Stream Ads resemble traditional TV commercials.

For example: you want to watch your favourite show and so you have to watch the advert… and If that advert fits the demographic of your show then there’s a very good chance it will appeal to you.

Video ads appear before or during an online video just like a TV commercial. Which means… if you want to watch that video, you’re going to have to watch at least part of that video ad.

But it gets better, because In-Stream Video ads have Live ‘clickable’ links inside them

With Coembed you can now do the very same thing you would have paid YouTube to do only without the cost and without the hassle

So let me ask you…

Do you want Your Ad, Your Message & Your ‘Clickable’ Link Inside Someone Else’s Video?

Of course you do…

You can even put your raw affiliate link in there

If you’re just getting started Coembed & Social Media offers you the easiest route to profit in any niche in literally minutes.

You won’t need a website, hosting or any of that boring stuff

There’s no learning curve…

And it’s fast. each campaign takes just 2 – 3 minutes

Plus there’s no cost. Coembed truly is unique and unlike anything else out there…

And it’s designed for everyone regardless of experience… so if you’re just getting started this is perfect for you too.

There’s only 3 simple steps to this:

Step 1:Grab any Youtube video or webpage link you want to leverage

Step 2: Embed your call to actions on them, such as attention grabbing pop up images, video ads, text links, annotations, social sharing buttons or opt in forms.

With full flexibility to customize backgrounds, headlines and text color, as well as pictures for your Call To Action, you’re in full control to personalize this exactly how you want.

You can even choose the style of CTA, ranging from having it as an attention bar on the site, or a slider that just slides out, or even have it appear as a small pop up box that uses an overlay to block out the background.

Even better,use the full page takeover (which displays over the whole page to grab the viewer’s full attention.)

Step 3:Share your co embed link and start making money. They make this super easy for you within Co Embed, since you can schedule and post multiple links on social media platforms on autopilot.

Finally, you can start getting Free viral traffic, build a huge responsive buyers list – and profit on complete autopilot with just a few clicks.

The possibilities are endless with what you can do inside of Co Embed, this is just scratching the surface.

You can use Coembed to embed your affiliate links, cpa offers, ecom products, and much more.

And you can do this over authority websites and videos that are proven to get millions of viewers.

There really isn’t any other easier way of making money online. This is the first copy & paste system I’ve ever seen that actually works.

And not only do they have the proof that it all works, they have the case studys, the tutorials, do this, do that, style guides that you can apply to profit at will.

Just look at all the amazing results here.

Why you need this software?

– Embed powerful call to actions to any website or video online with just a few clicks.

– Add high converting attention bars, sliders, pop up images, clickable links, social sharing buttons, opt in forms, annotations, videos, images and much more.

– 100% Cloud based. No software to install. Easy access from anywhere.

– No previous experience or tech skills needed.

– Customize & personalize your call to actions how you want.

– Schedule & post to multiple social media platforms on complete autopilot for mass exposure.

With all that being said…

What you need to do now is Go and see all the crazy results newbie students have been getting, and then when you’re done doing that… You’re going to click the BUY NOW button.

Now one final thing before you go and hop in to all of this… you need to act fast because you’re going to be getting up to 62% off on Co Embed.

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